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Reduce Neck Pain & Restore Comfort

At Neck Therapist we are about bringing innovative solutions to helping people get rid of any neck & spinal pain without the needs of immediate medical attention. This is to help those who are in between hosptial visits or with no access to health insurance.

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Less Neck Pain & More Sleep

We Carry the most Top Selling and Affordable Neck massagers including our own TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) Wireless Neck Massager.

Improve Posture

Our products will help align your posture all while increasing muscle memory for your body.

Reduce Headaches

You will experience less migraines after the use of our products due to less stress and pain from past neck injuries.

Save Money

Save thousands of dollars a year on doctor visits by having your own in house chiropractor.

Ease Neck and Back Pain Stiffness

Corrects postural Imbalances


I was pleasantly surprised at how intense this little gadget neck massage was . Easily control the intensity levels and comes with the remote.

Sasha D

Omg let me tell you about my experience! I have been dealing with chronic neck pain and stiffness to the point that turning my head was a challenge. In one days usage I regained control of my neck, I can move it now and the pain is mostly gone!

Robert J

Quality Tester
Very comfortable device. It makes my back stretch and feel more relaxed. It also relieves tension in certain areas. Very good for someone with back issues, old people, injury recovery, etc.

Eli Bickett

My neurologist recommended I use this neck traction device twice a day for 30 minuutes to alleviate/avoid very painful stiff necks which occur every few months and last several days. It feels very good when I use it and I'm hoping it will alleviate the problem in the future.

Dulcie Dewolf

20 minutes a day with this has definitely helped relieve my shoulder pain. Great product!

Claudio Tsui


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